Vintage Girls cards - A Flair for Buttons

Terve! Today I'm sharing two cards I made for A Flair for Buttons with you! The inspiration for these and also for the colors I used came from the "Vintage Girls with Flowers" flair (link).

What usually sparks your imagination and gets you inspired? Is it the products, the story you want to capture or do you just go with the flow? I get inspiration from all sources named and more! It's always a wonderful to go to the craft table and see what kind of journey is awaiting this time.

I wanted to create neutral, vintage looking cards with some sweet details. For the focal point I used the flairs but also some flowers. To add a little extra to the cards I also mixed another flair to each card - a saying to the other and simple stripes to the other.

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a wonderful day!


Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Sizzix, Ranger


Gesso cards - Prima Marketing

Hi there! How are you on this Tuesday? If you are follower of my blog, I assume that you are already familiar with gesso. But if you just happened to arrive here or are new to mixed media, you might not be friends with this medium yet.

Yesterday a post about gesso went live in Prima's blog. You can see it here (link)! There's three very different projects in there, all done using one of the three gessos in Prima's Finnabair line. I did some cards for the post and used Clear and White gesso in them. There's also the stunning Black version available of the gessos but funnily I didn't use that in the make. Funnily as it's actually my favorite. 

I tried to include different use of gesso in my cards as you can use this medium in many ways due to its wonderful composition. You can see some uses of the medium from the picture above - paint, texture medium, base coat and adhesive.

The Clear gesso is coating the background paper. It works as a base coat giving the paint mediums coming on top something to grab to but also prevents them from soaking into the paper thus giving more open time to play with colors and manipulate them. 

The White gesso acts as an adhesive, a texture medium and paint in the cards. Because of its property to stick rather than soak into surfaces you can use gesso to adhere light elements like pieces of paper or like in here, cheese cloth. 

Because Finn’s gessos are Heavy Body, meaning thick, you can use them to create texture, too. Here I applied the medium through a stencil to my card. And naturally you can use them as acrylic paints as well! I gave some of the embellishments a touch of white to blend them more into each other.

Thank you for stopping by today! If you learned something new, please let me know! Have a great day!


961466 – Gesso Clear 
961374 – Heavy Gesso White 
847579 – Vintage Emporium Maestro 
963392 – Mechanicals Barn Stars 
963385 – Mechanicals Mini Knobs 
992347 – Wild and Free Chipboard and More 
590062 – Flower Bundle Yellow 
594398 – Love Clippings Flowers Sweet Kisses 
565220 – Paper Roses Copper 
562359 – Perles Welcome to Paris 
589165 – Color Philosophy Lemonade 
576691 – Watercolor Scenic Route 
576721 – Watercolor Spring and Fall 
962005 – Cling Stamps Don’t Forget to Fly 
962067 – Cling Stamps Now Is the Right Time 
962043 – Cling Stamps Tea on the Deck 
962036 – Cling Stamos Trust the Magic 
961268 – Honeycomb Stencil 
962289 – Basket Stencil 
990886 – Artisan Adhesive Tape

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Angels in Leimailutaivas 2017 - demo

Hi there and happy Monday! Heippa ja iloista maanantaita - suomenkielinen teksti löytyy hieman alempaa!

Today I share some Christmas cards with you. Yes, you read right. Christmas! These are created as a demo samples for Leimailutaivas, an event here in Finland which I'm attending next month. If you want to learn more about the event, please visit the site here (link)

In the event I'm demoing Finnabair waxes and the Sparks paints together with some other Finnabair mediums and the wonderful embossing glitters from Wow Embossing Powder. I'll be also using Iron Orchid stamps and moulds by Prima. The focal point of the card was inspired by something Sharon did in Paris this spring - you can't believe how quick that is and how striking the result is! 

If you happen to be around Helsinki on the September 30th, please join the fun and come to Puistokulma! 

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Pitkästä aikaa muutama sana suomeakin blogiin! Elikä Leimailutaivaassa olen taas demoilemassa. Tiedättehän kaikki Leimailutaivaan? Tänä syksynä tapahtuma on 30.9., paikkana Puistokulma ja aikana klo 11-16. Täältä (linkki) pääset lukemaan lisää ja tutustumaan näytteilleasettajiin.

Tällä kertaa tehdään joulukortteja kera Finnabairin vahojen ja Sparks-akryylimaalien. Vähän muutakin "mömmöä" on käytössä ja myös Wow'n kohojauheglittereitä. Jos siis joku asia askarruttaa tai esim. kohojauhe on ihan uusi tuttavuus - tervetuloa katselemaan ja kyselemään! Jos haluaisit nähdä jonkun tietyn työn livenä tms. niin laitahan sähköpostia tulemaan ja katsotaan, mitä voin tehdä! 

Ihanaa alkanutta viikkoa! Toivottavasti Puistokulmassa nähdään! 

Ps. Olethan huomannut myös syksyn kurssit? Tulevana sunnuntaina ollaan Perniössä, ensi kuussa Helsingissä, sitten Turussa ja lokakuussa Ikaalisissa! Tästä linkistä pääset katselemaan kursseja (linkki).

Materials: Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder


Life is good - Sizzix

Sweet Saturday! Yesterday I shared a layout using the downloadable papers and new dies from Sizzix to support and share the information about their world record attempt. You can find more info about the event and download the papers and labels from the event website (link) here

Today I continue with the same theme in the form of this card. The center of attention is a die and stamp set I used in the layout as well. There it was an embellishment as the photo was the center of attention. I stamped the butterfly with embossing ink and embossed it with pink powder and then colored the wings with watercolors. The same colors are used in the background of the card as well. To keep the card light and airy I used the trellis styled die to make a layer to the background and backed the butterfly with a small circle to make it more visible because of the contrast.

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a lovely weekend! 

Sizzix dies used: 

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder


1 2 3 Summer treats - Sizzix

Fri-yay! How are you? Looking forward some crafty time during the weekend? If you are lost for ideas or paper, here's something you might want to look - Sizzix is going for a world record in papercrafts! Here's the page (link) with some info about it. 

You can participate in the attempt and send a papercraft or two to them to help out. But a word of caution - only paper is allowed in the makes. That's why I find it impossible to participate otherwise than just sharing the info. Paints, inks and other mediums are in the core of my creating process! 

But while I can't send this page as a part of the world record attempt, I have used the papers that Sizzix has kindly put together to help people to participate. You can download the papers and labels from the event website (link) here. The patterns are wonderful with vibrant colors, great summer theme and sweet patterns like watermelons and strawberries. 

The summer patterns inspired me to do a page about some treats I had last summer when we took a ferry to Tallinn. My plan is always the same when buffets are concerned - eat and taste the starters and salads, the cold fish and then move to desserts. I rarely take any main courses then as I love the different fish and starters provided and one really has to eat the desserts! Please see the list below for the dies used in the page and try to spot them all. 

Thank you for your visit today! Have a great start to the weekend! Wishing you a lot of creative time! 

Sizzix dies used: 

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Ranger, American Crafts, A Flair for Buttons, Teippitarha, Wow Embossing Powder


Mohawk - A Flair for Buttons

Hi there! Today i'm sharing a layout I did for A Flair for Buttons with you. This page is done about my younger daughter who adored mohawks a while back. Now she's actually growing her hair to have it long, but as you can see, this spring she still had really short sides and long in the center so that a mohawk could be made.

I started the page with some paints and then added some stamping on top. I happened to have a tag from a pair of jeans that seemed to fit into the theme with the urban style lettering so I added it to the paper layers. It also gave me the inspiration to divide the title to several rows as a fun detail.

I used several flair buttons in my page and gathered them all close to the photo, the center of the attention. Can you spot all five in the page? Some are more hidden than the others as I love to layer! I followed the same color scheme with the flairs as I used in the rest of the page. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day!

Sets used:

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, American Crafts, Lawnfawn, Scrap FX


Travel theme - Prima Marketing

Hello there! Today I have a colorful page to share with you. I made this for a Color Bloom theme for Prima Marketing and wanted to use a couple of colors. After I found this photo, I chose to go with rainbow colors.

When going though my photos to scrap, I noticed this photo of my older daughter's 8 year birthday party. Like the title of the page suggested, she wanted a travel theme. Naturally we were happy to use that as a theme and then chose the things to the coffee table accordingly. We had Sachertorte, chocolate chip cookies, Savoiardi cookies, leipäjuusto (Finnish squeaky cheese), croissants with Brie and sushi to name a few.

I chose to go with rainbow colors to represent the different flag colors we had in the table and also the diversity of countries. Plus it was a sweet, happy looking color scheme to use! 

If you want to see how the layout was made, please see the step by step tutorial below! 

Step 1. Apply a coat of Clear Gesso to your background paper. This helps in the second step plus prevents the paper to warp only partially. Let air dry or use a heat tool to dry before moving to next step.

Step 2. Choose a red, a yellow and a blue mist and spray each one to the background, to the right hand side. Leave a space between the colors. Because of the gesso layer, the mist won't absorb into the paper right away but pools on the surface. Use a watercolor brush and water to draw the paint from the pool towards the left. After you have done the primary colors, make secondary colors orange and green by mixing the primaries. Spray a little red and yellow to the space between yellow and red, mix into a orange and again paint towards the left.

Step 3. Dry the previous layer or let air dry for a while before adding a new sprayed layer. Choose a stencil with a simple design and spray colors through it. I used blue and yellow more than the red as it was so over-powering to the other two. I also flipped the stencil and pressed all the mist that was left into the stencil to my background. If you do this, be careful with the alignment! 

Step 4. Again, dry the mists before moving forward. Add some stamping and pencil doodles to the page and then build layers behind the photo. I used quite neutral colors when the papers were concerned as the background has so much color.

Step 5. Start to embellish the page. The My Prima Planner stickers were easy embellishments as they had all the right colors and they fit to my theme a well. Use the embellishments to complete your design and composition. 

Step 6. Finish the page with a title and journaling. I also added a piece of twine to my page to form a horizonal line and thus highlight the title.

Thank you for stopping by! Remember, travelling really broadens the mind! You don't always need to go abroad to travel, just go to a museum, exhibition, study online or try a new restaurant! Have a great day!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons

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